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Thread: Morongo Casino fraud alert: player ID breach

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    Fraud alert for players at Casino Morongo: players are being notified that player ID info including Social Security Numbers and tax info was released in January to 19 persons -- most likely employees. See for details.

    We always take a risk when we join a players club or win a taxable jackpot -- they have our social security number and more. We trust it will be kept safe.

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    Thanks Alan for posting this. Obviously it is unfortunate it has happened at one of the two casinos I frequent (for the purpose of 3 Card Poker), and it can happen anywhere. I did not receive a letter since I did not get a taxable jackpot in 2015, but I did in 2014 with 4 Aces with ANY 2, 3, 4 on $1 DDB.

    It is somewhat worth the risk to play with a Players Club card as those provide the benefits players are looking for, free food and hotel stay. I know slot attendants can access personal data every time a player hits a jackpot in the high limit room, they have to provide SSN to claim it. Unfortunately that is the bad part of the IRS being involved with gambling affairs, when the average player is playing against an edge.

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    The letter didn't indicate it was only about W2G accounts. But if you don't receive a letter it might mean your account was not involved. To the best of my memory, I have not played at Morongo since early December, and I only played there four times in 2015, so I don't know what triggered the letters.

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