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Thread: T-Mobile Arena has seats that are dangerous

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    I originally posted this on my Facebook account. A lot of people took notice. I was at the Billy Joel concert Saturday night at the new T-Mobile Arena and got there early enough to check the place out. What I found was that the "upper deck sections" have staircases that are very steep and narrow and the rows of seats have little legroom and I was told of people falling and tripping over the seats and having a hard time negotiating the stairs and even falling on the stairs.

    My full report with photos is on my website here:

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    You walk down to your seat in the upper deck? And then up the stairs to leave?

    Is the structure below a you enter from the top?

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    Originally Posted by coach belly View Post
    You walk down to your seat in the upper deck? And then up the stairs to leave?
    For the upper deck you enter from the top of the seats. So yes, you walk down. And to exit you walk up.

    In the lower levels you walk up to your seats but the lower levels don't have the sharp incline.

    What's really a bitch is the floor seats. I swear that those floor seats at the back of the Arena had ZERO view of the stage. I am going to guess the floor seats half way back had ZERO view.

    Ive seen Celine's show 13 times in the Colosseum and I've sat all over that place. Front orchestra in the third row to rear balcony and every seat was great. That's because it wasn't that big.

    The Arena is TOO BIG.

    And now they are talking about a domed stadium with 67,000 seats. What can you see -- honestly -- in a stadium with 67,000 seats? Better to watch on TV.

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    Better to watch on TV.
    I like watching concerts on TV, but I'm not sure that's better than being there live.

    It's music...first row or last row...the energy of 67000 people trumps what you can see or not see.

    If you need to see something then glance up at the big screens.

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