Sometimes trying to squeeze every last drop of value from a wager backfires. Today was an example.

I have Toronto at 13-1 to win the NBA Eastern Conference. My task today was to hedge against them with Miami. The best line I could find this morning was +130. I made the error of not betting as soon as a line appeared because I wanted to see if Atlanta could beat Cleveland in their first game. My only way of actually making decent money is if Cleveland does not make the finals.

Anyway, I had missed a +145. So now the best I could do was +130. It was at a site that gives rebates on losses twice a year, and also gives you a point for each individual wager you make, which also leads to free play. I'm hoping to lose the wager.

Rather than chunking it in with one bet at +130, I began making a (long) series of individual wagers at +130 for the minimum bet so I could accumulate points towards free play. Well, 50 wagers in, the screen froze and the line changed to +125. I had outsmarted myself.

Fortunately, another site had a +129, so I did that. But this was an instance wherein I compounded one error with another by trying to squeeze every penny of value out of a situation.

The saving grace of the situation is that I am in a no lose scenario, but that's no excuse for slopping things up the way I did.