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    Taking my first trip to Vegas since becoming a Diamond TR member via my Founders Card membership... I am looking for some feedback/reviews/tips for the various Diamond lounges in Vegas. Any input would be appreciated... Additionally, if there are any other Diamond benefits besides the waived resort fees and $100 comped dinner that would be much appreciated as well!

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    2 free show tickets every month. Check totalrewards both.

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    Originally Posted by fly2rei View Post
    2 free show tickets every month. Check totalrewards both.
    I agree that the 2 free diamond shows are a good benefit. Make sure to get tickets as soon as you arrive at Vegas as certain days and shows fills up.

    There are Diamond check-in rooms. The one at Ceasars Palace has drinking water bottles, coffee, and snacks for the taking. I never buy bottled water when I am at the casino. Flight Chief where are you staying?


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    There are a lot of lines at CET properties which have special Diamond/Seven Stars lines, which tend to be a lot shorter. This includes cashiers.

    If you play on, you can e-mail them for a "status match", which will earn you 15% rakeback.

    You can also use the Diamond registration room at the WSOP, which always has fairly short lines.
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    Originally Posted by AFFltChief View Post
    I am looking for some feedback/reviews/tips for the various Diamond lounges in Vegas.
    I only get to Vegas once per year, but I have been to all of the Diamond Lounges out there.

    It's been awhile since I've been to some of them, so things may have changed. are my recollections and reviews...

    Food-wise they are all pretty similar, mainly serving chips & salsa, crudite, cheese, fruit and assorted deserts.

    They will put out a few hot selections during brief periods each day...nothing elaborate...maybe chicken wings, taquitos, hot dogs, etc.
    I do recall seeing spaghetti & meatballs at Harrah's one time, that was different.

    All do not have a bar. Drinks are brought to the table by waitresses,
    and there may be a limit to the number of drinks you can have...not sure about that.

    The main difference I've found are the rooms themselves.

    Here's how I rank them....

    Harrah's - Harrah's has a decent-sized bar that you can sit at...and I'm a Harrah's is my favorite.
    Harrah's DL has a sports-bar feel to it, and the bar fills up with raucous regulars as soon as they open,
    so it can be tough to get a seat at the bar. I've never encountered a limit to the number of drinks permitted there,
    but that may be a function of tipping properly.

    Planet Hollywood - PH's room is located in some spooky no-man's land on the mezzanine level,
    but they have sofas and overstuffed chairs, while most of the others only have tables and chairs.
    PH's lounge is a series of connecting bar..but I fondly recall watching the World Cup
    on an impressive 100 sq ft TV in one of the back rooms, and that's why I give it a high ranking.

    Paris - Paris has the best location, right off the casino floor near the entrance to the promenade
    that connects to Bally's. Nice room, tiny bar with a handful of seats at the bar, but otherwise plenty of seating.

    Caesars - Nice room and similar to Paris to the best of my recollection, but located down the hall from
    the Augustus Tower entrance/check-in. Not as isolated as PH's room, but not that easy to find either.

    Rio - A visit to Rio's Diamond Lounge requires an elevator trip from the high-limit slot area.
    It's a small elevator, and we have found a line to get on each visit...or attempted visit...sometimes we bail.
    Also a series of interconnected rooms, they have some sofas and chair seating areas too,
    and I believe they are the only DL in Vegas with windows to the outside world.

    Flamingo - Didn't like it...reminded me of a cafeteria. I think we ended up going there once to check it out,
    then a second time only because Harrah's was closed or something, but I don't expect to return.

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