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Thread: Why do some players get invites to RC multiplier days and others don't?

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    Originally Posted by jetermacaw View Post
    Actually Alan better than Disneyland. My son who is currently serving in the US Army will be getting leave this summer [ first time home in 20 months ], we will be sharing a few steak dinners together.
    That's a REAL jackpot!


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    Thanks FAB, yes it is. This past Monday 2X.

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    Ever since the infamous 100x in the first week of June it has been nothing but 3x for me. They are giving "locals" 10x on Mondays, but when I play on Mondays I can't even get a pair never mind a quad on QQs.

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    Since my 100x multiplier day the first week of June, I've had 18 straight weeks of 3X.

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    Coming up on the 1 year anniversary of me getting 100x multiplier. Since that infamous day have receiver the minimum offered every week 3x.

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