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Thread: MGM Paid Parking Update

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    Just got the email from MGM regarding the upcoming "paid parking". Going to start June 6th.

    "MGM Resorts International is taking steps to implement a $90 million parking strategy to expand parking availability, implement technology upgrades and reduce the hassle and frustration resulting from outdated and inefficient facilities.

    In order to fund these investments—and the ongoing maintenance and capital improvements of our parking facilities—we will be instituting fees for self- and valet parking. Fees will begin to roll out at our Las Vegas hotels on June 6, 2016. These rates remain significantly below those of other highly popular tourism destinations."

    "s an M life Rewards Member:
    • Once you've achieved Pearl tier status or above, you will receive complimentary self-parking.
    • Once you've achieved Gold tier status or above, you will receive complimentary valet parking.
    All parking is subject to availability."

    What a bunch of bullshit.

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    As expected higher level players continue to get free parking. But in general this is a bad idea and will spread. If casinos charge for parking is McDonald's far behind?
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    I got the email as pearl telling me I get free parking.

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    Yeah I see what they're dong. They are giving free parking to anyone who at least plays minimally (Pearl and above), while everyone else is stuck footing the bill.

    I am only a Sapphire (bottom tier) there.

    I will be parking at neighbor properties and walking over. No way I ever give them a dime to park.
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    I wonder how long CET waits to charge for parking. Remember it's "no resort fee" campaign?


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    I guess it depends if CET can convert those parkers into profitable players on their walk to MGM. If they can then maybe MGM would have to reverse course.

    But given how much everything costs on the strip most will probably just pay it and move on.

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    There is a pretty big upfront cost involved in charging for parking. Gates, and vending/pay machines have to be licensed and installed. Extra workers to monitor the exit gates will be needed.

    We have a mall here in LA (Century City) that has paid parking. It's a mess. I avoid the mall because of the paid parking even though there is free validation from the movie theater and stores. You still have to wait in lines, insert a voucher, wait for the gate, etc. And if you have to pay, you have to go to the vending machine to get the pay voucher for the gate. It's a mess.

    I have no doubt Caesars will follow-- and so will everyone else. It's only a matter of time... but maybe just a few weeks or months.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Here's the fine print in the parking policy. Don't lose your ticket.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

  9. #9 photo of valet parking pay "office" at the Flamingo side entrance to the Bellagio.

    There will not be a "companion" card issued in case you have two cars in Vegas. Best advice I got was meet the second car at the valet and show your card and tell them the second car is your car.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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