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Thread: Best Diamond Lounges In Vegas, and best Caesars Restaurants for price

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    I've heard that the diamond lounges in Vegas are much worse than the diamond lounges I go to in ac (which are pretty average to begin with) Is there any that are better than others? I went to the rio one back in like 2010 and it was pretty awful. Also I have over $400 in reward credits, what are the best 1:1 places to eat for the price at the caesars properties? Thanks for the help

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    I'm not a "diamond lounge customer" but I've heard the one at Harrah's is okay. I've used the one at Caesars only because of the computers there -- but honestly I haven't been to the diamond lounge in over a year.

    Every restaurant is priced higher than what you would find outside of a casino. They are priced for the captive audience. However, you are buying your meal with RCs and that's a lot better than spending actual cash at a restaurant that's not in a casino.

    I'll give you some prices that you would expect to pay for two people without drinks and tips (I don't drink):

    Old Homestead Steakhouse $200+
    Nobu $160+
    Mesa Grill, Bobby Flay $150+
    Steak at Paris $160+
    Caesars Buffet $60+

    You can also use RCs to pay for room service.

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