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Thread: Total Rewards vs. mLife?

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    My wife and I are going to Vegas at the end of the month. We have 5 nights comped at Caesar's. She just plays slot machines ($0.01 to $5.00 machines). I play craps and machines. In a typical day, she cycles between $12,500 and $25,000 through a machine. I typically only cycle $5000 through a machine per day since I also play craps. We both get nice offers from CET. However, we are looking to possibly move to mLife or split the time. Would it be worth moving to mLife? Do they have anything similar to the Diamond Lounges at CET properties? She plans to play on 30 Jun at Paris since she likes the slots there. I know that there aren't any really good VP machines there but are there any that would be "playable"?

    Other background: I am only a plain Diamond. She will hit her Aspirations Level 2 on 30 Jun if she hits her 5000 TC point which she plans to do. Next year she is shooting for 7 Stars. We do not really have a home resort. We live in AL. We spend more time in Vegas than anywhere but that is usually 1 - 2 trips per year. Neither of us have a host anywhere that we are aware of. We both know odds and have good memory so playing VP wouldn't be hard for either of us. This year, we have been to Council Bluffs and Metropolis. Also have trips planned to Tunica and Cherokee later this year.

    I also want to thank you Dan for your detailed information on VP. I will be playing 9/6 JoB VP or the best variant I can find while I am there.

    Any thoughts or advice from the experts on this site would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance, Joe

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    You'd want to play at MLife casinos if you want to stay at MLife casinos. Do you?

    thanks for joining!
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    We don't really care where we stay. We are not in the room much and the Caesar's properties have always been clean and nice. Next week we have a Laurel room in the Augustus tower facing the fountains.

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    Hi HSV-Joe:

    Welcome to the board.

    I am a Seven Stars who has been dipping my toe into MLife - largely because Total Rewards has long been cutting back on benefits and free play.

    I am not in a position to give you an exhaustive comparison between the two programs but I will toss in a couple of thoughts.

    If you are regular Diamond and your wife is Aspirations Level 2 at Total Rewards, you are unnecessarily splitting your play. I would suggest that you both play on one card at CET so you collectively can reach Seven Stars and/or better comps. Your wife should already have a CET host and should reach out for one to get better rooms. You will find disagreements on this board on the value of a host, but I like using one.

    There are better guaranteed benefits like Diamond Lounges. second tier monthly shows, and flight allowances, in Total Rewards that do not exist in Mlife. There are, however, "VIP lounges" at certain MLife places like Bellagio where there are snacks and drinks if you are coded for that place by a host. Also if you are Platinum Tier at MLife there is a "Platinum Experience" letter you get at check in which entitles you to 2 tickets to things like the Mandalay Bay aquarium or the Bellagio art exhibit.

    Mlife is unusual in that you and your spouse can have a joint account and so either can use Mlife Express comps built up. Note in Vegas you only get express comps in machine play. But you should know that while you have a joint account, the "primary account holder" (person who has most action on the card) has the best room and other marketing offers like free play and should be there to take advantage of an offer. Exceptions can be made if you have a motivated host. My pet peeve in TR is that you need to extinguish your Reward Credits before any discretionally comps can be applied to your room comps. Mlife lets you bank your express comps.

    Another difference between TR and Mlife is a Vegas host gets credit for your gambling in any Vegas TR casino. By contrast Mlife hosts only get credit for play at their casino. So if you like to jump around to different hotels, TR may be more convenient. Also since you like craps, you will bet much better comps at Mlife. TR is notoriously low in comps for table play.

    To the extent you want to get your feet wet, I suggest on one of your trips at a CET casino, you hit Mlife hard on one day, then see if you receive offers for Mlife that make the switch worthwhile.


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    I started playing at Bellagio about six months ago. Already at Platinum and very close to the level where they will give me Noir. You need 700,000 points for Noir. All that "business" about "invitation only" is just marketing -- if you have the points, you get Noir. It's the same with 7 Stars. Seven Stars is also supposed to be invitation only.

    Anyway -- with more than 680,000 points with MLife --ALL played at Bellagio -- I don't get any free play offers thru mailers or online. All offers come from my host. I call him up and say "what can you give me?" And he gives me.

    Unlike TR, it appears the offers from MLife are all about rooms and dining credits. Free play comes from hosts. Free play also is for slots and VP only -- NO table games.

    HSV-Joe the rooms at Caesars are much nicer than Bellagio. Your wife will not like sharing the same sink with the Fountain-view rooms at Bellagio. The rooms are smaller at Bellagio too. The tubs are smaller and are not Jacuzzi tubs at Bellagio.

    Unless you are getting free play offers from MLife casinos or there is an event with tickets (I saw Billy Joel a few weeks ago) stick with Caesars and TR.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Here is a 2014 writeup I did on the two programs:
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