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Thread: bias on wizard of vegas

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    The forum founder / admin at "Gambling Talk" (johno, aka Spike) banned both LarryS. and myself: that site will almost certainly soon go dark due to lack of interest caused by the quasi-psychotic, heavy-handed administration.

    johno created the site after I posted at GG that it would be nice to have a board similar to GG to go to when GG goes dark; he originally said it would be uncensored (except no racial slurs allowed: is he a black guy?), but he soon adopted ad hoc "rules" on the fly which led to unrest and criticism.

    The guy cannot take criticism, constructive or otherwise: see ya, douchebag!

    So Fisk, aka Face, created a new forum for the GT exiles and any others who might be interested: The Penalty Box (cute name: apt)


    I doubt it will take off, but you never know; at least the admin is level-headed.
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