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Thread: What are your "goals" for playing in a casino?

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    Not everyone goes to a casino resort for the same reasons. Some go to gamble, while some go to enjoy other activities such as fine dining, shows, the pool, shopping, or the spa. These are all valid reasons for going to a casino/resort.

    But let's talk about your goals or objectives for playing (gambling) in a casino?

    Do you go to win money?
    Do you go for the excitement and pleasure of playing?
    Do you go to play enough that you earn comps such as free play or free hotel or free shows in the future?

    I hope no one is going to say they go to a casino to intentionally lose.

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    Alan, you can put me down for all 3. The priority is the same order in which you listed the goals. If I couldn't win money I wouldn't go at all.

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    Same on all 3, and in that order. I won't go so far as to say having a non-winning visit makes the experience a total loss as the other reasons for going are still valid. I have had week long vacations in LV that ended up with negative gaming, but because of many other factors, the vacations were still good ones.

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