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Thread: Total Rewards has ONE 24/7 desk in Vegas

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    Need Total Rewards in the middle of the night or anytime 24/7 -- go to Cromwell.
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    That's actually really good to know. I didn't know any even existed in LV (or anywhere?).

    Do you know if they can help you with stuff if you're staying at a different property? ie: I check into Caesar's with a $500 FSP offer and arrive at midnight....can I cruise over to Cromwell to get my FSP receipt (the thing you take to cashier to get vouchers) or no? I don't think you can normally do this, but, it seems like they might make an exception for the Cromwell given it's the only 24/7 TR desk in LV.

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    I don't know if they can help you with free play at a particular casino. I would think they'd first have to confirm if you are a registered guest at the casino with the free play. I know they can print vouchers for things like the High Roller, or for the free show tickets that you get monthly, or for 7 Stars annual dinner vouchers. If you are redeeming Reward Credits for free play they should be able to do that, but I am not sure if they are restricted for only the Cromwell.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Thanks Alan. That is very useful to know.

    I believe that this desk should have the same power as any other TR desk open during normal hours.

    The only thing they might not be able to do is access RC charges from other properties until they fully post into the system. But unless you're inquiring about that, I believe they should have the power to do everything else.
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