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Thread: Year end bonus for Great Gift Wrap Up

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    In the next couple of days Caesars Total Rewards will announce a year end bonus for the Great Gift Wrap Up.

    I don't have much of the details. See:

    From what I was told, your total GGWU points for the year will be doubled with a stay starting Sept 1.

    This offer isn't really worth much to me at all. Because so many of my Tier points this year were earned as "bonus tier points" I actually have very little GGWU points. GGWU are based on actual play -- and bonus tier points do not earn GGWU points. In reality, I have enough GGWU to get maybe $300 in gas cards (if they are offered again), so doubling my total to $600 really isn't a lucrative offer.

    A free play offer of $500 would be worth more to me than doubling the $300 in gas cards I already earned.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Last year I didn't go to the GGWU. I earned about $200 worth of stuff. Wasn't worth a trip all the way down there on dates I really didn't want.
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    Understand you can receive double great gift wrapup points. For stays between 9/1/16-10/15/16 and booked before 9/-5/16. Understand your all your points earned starting 1/1/16. Know the Vegas harrahs properties are included, how about harrahs Laughlin, rincon, and ah chin? They are included in the great gift wrapup program along with rincon, ah chin, and Laughlin.

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    I know that Laughlin and Rincon are included. Not sure about the Ak Chin property. The GGWU site I think lists the properties and I will have to check later.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Yes, Ak Chin is in. The list of properties is here:
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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