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Thread: check redemption times for free play

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    reminder: certain free play at Rincon cannot be redeemed between midnight and 8am. One of our fellow forum members called me at 4am to tell me that he couldnt redeem his offer. That's when I remembered this restriction. I haven't been back to Rincon in about a year.

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    Good tip, but this has been going on for years.

    They changed the policy from 24 hour redemption because people were "midnight double-dipping", showing up at 11:30, running their first day's freeplay, and then running the next day's 30 minutes later at midnight.

    I was surprised that my last freeplays ended Saturday and then started again Sunday. So I was able to double-redeem during my weekend stay, which was nice. They used to never split a weekend like that, because it was too easy for weekend visitors to redeem twice.
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