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Thread: The truth about MGM Noir

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    Recall the thread from October 2015, where Alan asserted that attaining MGM Noir simply requires earning 2 million tier points.

    But is it true?

    I was told by someone that, in addition to needing 2 million tier points, your host needs to bring your name up to a "committee", who reviews your play.

    If you did not earn that 2 million with a sufficient amount of theo (theoretical loss), they deny you. This means that earning the 2 million tiers via grinding the best video poker games isn't going to get you into Noir.

    Can someone who is actually Noir describe the process?
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    Dan, I have never seen a Noir player at the Bellagio. Never at the craps tables, and never at the cage inside the high limt room which is what I use instead of waiting in line at the main cage. (Anyone can use the cage inside the high limit room.) I am no where close to being near the 2-million point mark, either.
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