Pauite Palace is located in Bishop, CA, about 40 miles south of the ski resort town of Mammoth Lakes, CA. You also pass through it driving from LA to Tahoe, provided you go up US-395.

It is a small Indian casino. I once lost $1200 there when counting cards in blackjack and running horrible.

I see on vpfree2 that they have Pick 'Em Poker VP machines at $1/$2 per credit.

That's a 99.95% return game.

I'm not sure if Pauite is smart enough to disable comping on those machines.

They have a system where you earn 1 point per $1 bet. After 2500 points, you can exchange for $5 cash, so basically you're getting 0.2% back right there.

That by itself makes the game slightly +EV (100.15%), but clearly not enough to be worth stopping for, unless you just enjoy playing Pick 'Em Poker.

However, they also apparently offer freeplay mailers. So if you get some nice offers for this, then you might be able to make out well.

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Anyone tried this?

I may stop here on my next Mammoth/Tahoe trip and report back.