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Thread: Former Revel Resorts to Reopen in 2017 as "Ten"

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    After months and months of negotiations it seems like the Revel or new "Ten" will finally reopen in 2017. This comes after Straub almost gave up on reopening as early as August 2016. Interested to see what they do with the property and how this will affect the current casino landscape of Atlantic City.

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    As an east coast guy, can you tell me why you feel the Revel failed?

    I heard the following theories:

    - Customer relations sucked, and there were too many people treated poorly by the staff, as well as a few embarrassing player-unfriendly scandals

    - No smoking policy turned a lot of people off, as many gamblers smoke

    - Property layout was ill-conceived
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    Dan--until the recent closures in AC, I used to frequent AC pretty regularly as part of my East Coast horse racing excursion. I would use the free rooms at Caesars, Harrahs, or Showboat and save a good chunk of $$. In my opinion, Revel was the wrong casino at the wrong time and in the wrong location. It was too far up the boardwalk from the other casinos--kind of on it's only little Island. It was a pretty good walk from Caesars to the Revel. If the Showboat is still closed (anyone know) then it is really all alone up at that end of the boardwalk.

    Also, it had many upscale pricey restaurants, far too many for an AC casino. AC was not drawing that type of patron anymore. You could see a noticeable decline in the class of people on the boardwalk and in the casinos. And on weekends, the casinos were busier but, other than Borgata, really didn't have many high level players. They were targeting a higher level client then AC was bringing in. Junk food on the boardwalk was what people wanted, not $200 per person meals.

    They took care of me the one time I stayed there (on a freebie) and I had no complaints other than that there was no one else there.

    I did have the best taco I've ever had at Jose Garces taco truck near their food court. It cost a left nut but as a taco junky, it was the best I've had. I would walk all the way there just for that taco every day until it closed.

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    showboat has reopened as a hotel only..
    JustaDiamind is now justa-seven-star..

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    There are several reasons that this property didn't do well in my opinion. First off, the layout of hotel and the casino was horrible. In order to go from the casino up to the hotel room, you had to take 2 long and very very steep escalators up to the floor where the hotel was at. Also, a long walk off the escalators to the rooms as well. They also really didn't have a strong rewards program to entice gamblers to play there besides the free room offers. The majority of the restaurants when it first opened was a little more high class which didn't attract many tourists and some of the locals. The location of the property all the way down on the Boardwalk is also a point as to why it failed I believe as well. Not in the greatest area of town, and for the tourists on the boardwalk it's quite the hike to the Revel or TEN. I hope they turn it around and I look forward to seeing any changes to improve the property.

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