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Thread: Lame Total Rewards promotion offers limited carryover tier credits earned October-December

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    This is Total Rewards' attempt to get people to play in the final quarter of 2016, despite the fact that any tier credits they earn will be gone on January 1.

    This is still a lousy deal unless you really want to play anyway, or unless you're still working toward a status you haven't achieved yet.

    The reset-to-zero-in-January rule makes playing at the end of the year nearly pointless. Think about it. Unless you're just about to jump another tier status (such as Platinum to Diamond), playing at the end of the year does almost nothing for you. Credits earned on December 31 are actually gone the next day!

    The real solution to this would be to make a "rolling year" as far as earning tier credits. Under this system, you would only lose tier credits if a full year has passed since you earned them.

    For example, if you earned 500 tier credits on February 5, 2016, then you would keep them through Feburary 4, 2017. On Febuary 5, 2017, those 500 tiers would fall off. And Caesars could make some kind of requirement regarding the minimum number of tiers you need to retain in order to stay at your status.

    It would be a bit complicated to keep track of, but would be the most fair, and it wouldn't render year-end play to be mostly useless.

    Alternately, they could just make it simpler and carry over any tiers earned in the final three months of the year to the following year.

    The lame bonuses shown above aren't doing anyone much of a favor.
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    There are plenty of reasons not to play for promotions. This is not a generous promotion at all. But if you are going to be in Vegas during the 4th quarter, perhaps just for New Year's, it certainly pays to send them your email address for the free tier points towards 2017.

    Clearly, this is just a way for Caesars to update and maintain their email address base.

    Caesars also announced another promotion that is equally weak: sign up for the Total Rewards Visa Card (I think during October) and you get 1,000 Great Gift Wrap Up points. I estimate the value of 1,000 GGWU points to be about $3 (three dollars).
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    I've always found it frustrating that Mlife resets at the end of Sept. So if I'm not going to make it to the next tier then my labour day trip is kinda a waste on the credits side. I just missed the next level by 4000 this year (not that that level means much for me).

    Rolling would probably be better but could get very complicated to explain. When to you lose a tier status. Do you just drop down one or do you go to zero. By what date do you have to earn more tier credits. How many tier credits do you need to earn by when to cover the expiring ones. Guess it would be like managing a chequing account.

    Maybe having two cut off dates in the year every 6 months would be better. Every 6 months you loose the credits you earned in the 12 to 6 months ago time frame. But you keep the last 6 months.

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    This stupid promotion is back for 2017.

    Opt in here:

    Click that link, then click "OPT IN", then sign in at the top of the screen on the next page. Do NOT enter your name, ZIP code, etc if you already have a TR online login. Just log in at the top, then it will take you to a page to re-enter your e-mail address.
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    Dan I was thinking that this promotion might be ideal for someone like you who plays alternate years?

    You earn your Seven Stars in the fourth quarter and then have the bonus for the following year JUST IN CASE you stop playing altogether. The free bonus will give you at least some points.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    No, it's horrible.

    If I were to earn 7 Stars 4th quarter, then I've gone without 7 Stars for 3 quarters of the year, including when I need it most (WSOP).

    Much better to earn in January and then have it for 2 full years.
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    I'm at 75,000 tier credits this year, Didn't play at TR for a couple months. What do I need to do to retain Diamond status? Is there a bonus for next year if I reach 80,000 before end of year?

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    You don't keep Diamond Aspirations II (the 80k level) for the following year. You revert back to regular Diamond.

    If you want to keep regular Diamond, you don't have to do anything. You will remain Diamond until January 31, 2019.
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    I just got the same email. But what I'm really proud of is my tier score: 1.

    There should be special offers for people who maintain a tier score of 1. It's not an easy thing to do.

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