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Thread: Is there a reason to take all GGWU points as free play?

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    In the past, I've used Great Gift Wrap Up points to actually get something I can use. Normally it's gas cards which have a real value for me. I've also used GGWU points to pick up merchandise I really need such as jewelry that was requested for gifts.

    I've gotten some small amounts of free play from GGWU points but only after my "regular shopping" was completed.

    QuestionP is there a reason to take all GGWU points as free play?

    I understand the argument that if you are going to gamble with your own money anyway you might as well utilize GGWU points before you open your own wallet. But is there another reason?

    In the past I've always felt good about coming away with gas cards or gift items, even if I did spend my own cash to play.

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    Depends what you prefer.

    Does it have a thing that show how many points per dollar for the freeplay thing?

    I'd rather just get something useful like another safe or pots & pans or silverware (somehow that shit disappears real fast). Or another wallet or sunglasses. Or a jacket.

    Hell, you can get a wifi-enabled vacuum. Everyone needs one of those.

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    For me it would depend on what the points per dollar of FP are vs. points per dollar of gift cards. If it's the same I would probably take FP instead of gift cards, except for a Starbucks card or two because those are easily loadable in their app, and assume I would use that FP instead of my own money to play and avoid the hassle of having the gift cards to manage.

    With offers like these I never get items unless
    - they're a decent price (cost in points equivalent to $ cost at a store using cash valued prizes like FP or gift cards as a base), and
    - they're something I specifically need right now, something I want that I've been considering buying but haven't gotten around to yet, or
    - they're something I know someone else who wants or needs that item so I can make it a present

    I avoid deliberately getting items that may be useful later, like RS mentions. I have enough random stuff in a box that I've never used just from popping into casino giveaways. If the item's free and I'm in the area anyway I will stop in and pick it up. I travel a lot and play a little at various local places that do a lot of get x points and get a y, but since I don't have a local zip code I get offers where all I have to do is show up and pick up the item.

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    Alan, for you freeplay should be a no-brainer, if you're planning to gamble there anyway.

    Look at it this way. Say you are planning upon playing VP that trip.

    If you get $2000 in freeplay, then the first $2000 you feed into the machine will be those freeplay tickets, instead of $2000 in real dollars from your wallet.

    There are only 2 reasons to get something instead of freeplay:

    1) You weren't planning to play, and don't want the variance of running the freeplay to convert it to cash
    2) You found items you really need which are a BETTER price than anything you can find online or in local stores
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