I was on the 405 freeway this evening and passed by the exit for Hollywood Park Casino. I thought I would stop in, buy into the $100-$300 no limit hold'em game and see what would happen.

I bought in for $200. That's all I wanted to risk. I decided to play a very tight game.

I joined the game after the button passed me, so I did not have to pay the $5 and $3 for the blinds. The first hand I played I got KQ offsuit. There were two other players plus myself who called the big blind. The flop came AK3 rainbow. Since no one raised pre flop I figured no one had an ace. One player bet $15 and I called. The turn was low card, the river was a low card and on the river the other player bet $15 again. I called and said "an ace is good" indicating that if he had an ace the pot was his. Well, he had pocket 7s so I won the pot. It was small but it was a win.

The very next hand, I was dealt KK -- pocket kings. Two players called the $5 big blind and the action came to me and I raised to $20. The two players who called the big blind each put in $15 more and we saw the flop. The flop came J52 rainbow. There was about $60 in the pot and I had a little more than $200 and I went all-in. I figured my KK was good and I was hoping no one was slow playing JJ or 55 or 22. The others folded.

I then sat at the table for another couple of hands until the big blind came around to me, and when it did I said "I'm out" and left with my modest profit.

About fifteen minutes and I won about $70. Out the door and back on the road home.

If I could do that five days a week...