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Thread: Heavenly Resort Ski Passes

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    I was at Harrah's Lake Tahoe last weekend. I asked about the four free annual ski passes available to Seven Stars at the nearby Heavenly Resort. If you do not ski, you can use the ski passes to ride the gondola up the slopes for the view. I was told that the ski passes are not yet available, but should be out by the beginning of December. Further, the concierge at Harrah's told me to go to the Total Rewards desk at Harvey's to get them. The Total Rewards desk at Harrah's has been closed.

    I was also told that after a ski pass is issued, it has no expiration date (other than the season) so I was advised I could get all four issued then just hand them off to my adult kids for their future use.

    BTW, when I was there, the Sage Room at Harvey's was closed until November 22. Presumably for renovations.


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    Just read on 7 star insider that ski lift passes have been cut back from 4 to 2.

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    Hi SeeMore:

    You are right it does mention 2 lift tickets, but the 7 star insider is inconsistent as it also states: "Note that, while the ski tickets and cruise also are listed as benefits for Harveys, Seven Stars cardholders may not combine these offers. In other words, there is a limit of four lift tickets and four yacht tickets per Seven Stars cardholder."
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    Hey Fab:

    I see that paragraph under special 7 star benefits as it pertains to both properties and the way I am reading it they are limiting it to 2 lift tickets and 4 yacht cruises. In our case 2 will be fine for us as my wife does not ski and 2 days of skiing is plenty for me. Be interesting to find out for sure though.

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    That really sucks. I will be going and planning to ski while there. Two tickets won't be enough for me, even though I'll be by myself.
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