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Thread: What's in Store for 2017

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    With the stock market at or near all time highs and the Trumpster getting ready to take the reigns what are your thoughts in regards to the stock market and the economy in the coming year?

    If you are a buyer what would you buy?

    Among my small circle of friends I am getting everything from the markets going higher to its going to crash. Since there is nowhere safe to put your money anymore and earn a return of 4 or 5 percent you have to put it somewhere. This part of the forum has been dead for some time. Don't know if there are very many investors on here but if there are I would love to hear your opinions.

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    I am more concerned about what the Federal Reserve does. I am sure the Fed is going to raise rates now that the election is over. The question is how much higher will rates go? One quarter point will have minimal impact. One half point will be a shock. That could pull the rug from under the market rally.

    Worry about the Fed, not Trump.

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    I think you are right about the Fed. As a saver I long for the days when I could get 5% local bank cd's and much higher than that with stock market cd's. We as a country have accumulated a quagmire of debt so it makes sense for the Fed to keep the interest rates artificially low for as long as possible. Great for people that want to borrow money, but too much debt is not a good thing.

    I think there is going to be a lot of saber rattling both by the upcoming administration and the various regimes throughout the world. There are still too many hot spots and unstable places that could descend into chaos around the world. More than likely nothing will come of it but you never know but it could add some volatility to the stock market.

    As my wife and I approach 60 years in age we are both waiting to see what the Trump administration does when it comes to replacing Obamacare. Health insurance premiums are way to high. I don't know what the answer is to healthcare but there has to be a better way than what we have now.

    By the end of the year it looks like the stock market is going to cross 20,000. Whether it will stay there at this point is anyone's guess. For the time being I am moving a little more into cash while keeping an eye open looking for buying opportunities in the stock market.

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