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    I called my host here in ac to have my 7 star trip converted into $500 rcs. She said it takes a month. Question is, 1. I thought CET didn't allow that anymore and 2. Does it take 30 days for $500 rcs to be credited into ur account. TY

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    There has been some discussion that at certain properties hosts are able to still make the conversion of the 7 Stars trip into $500 worth of RCs. When I converted my trip into RCs the conversion was made within a week or so, but this was back when the program was available and was listed on the website.

    I don't know how long it takes, but I've ordered a Seven Stars Experience and that took several weeks to show up.

    My first question is does it really matter? RCs don't expire for 6-months after your last date of playing. And I am sure you will be returning to a property within six months.
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    I believe they are doing this at all properties.

    I just had mine converted.

    Probably took about 15-20 days to get done, and a few extra days to show up on the TR site (since that runs behind for whatever reason).
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