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Thread: Total rewards $750 airfare credit.

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    I know this is posted in the California forum, but it has to come from a Californians point of view.

    So by the end of the year I will still be of Diamond Aspirations 2 status. I was told I have $750 airfare credit to a Total Rewards destination, how is the money reimbursed? Can I buy TWO airplane tickets for me and a friend? Or does the $750 credit just apply to one place ticket? Does anyone have good information on exactly how this gets paid so I can start planning properly?

    As far as where to go, I live in Orange County/Los Angeles county. San Diego casinos are not far, and driving to Vegas isn't too far for a long weekend. The question is, does anywhere else in the USA beat Vegas? to be worth a trip? I'm considering Reno/Lake Tahoe (But Lake Tahoe seems to be quite far from the Reno airport). Would they even allow me to fly to Vegas from Orange County?

    Where else would make a nice 4-6 day trip to primarily gamble, good hotel, eat food? I am just quite content with where I live in so it's a hard decision to even use it at all.


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    This much I can answer: yes, you can fly from Orange County to Vegas.

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    I would go to Tahoe esp if you have never been. If you are interested talk to a host there and if your ADT is high enough they will limo you over there. Tell them it is your DL2 trip and it is your first visit. The limo is fully stocked with beer, airplane sized bottled of liquor, cokes, juices, and chips and it is a scenic and a quick ride over. And if you play VP they have the best still left at any of the CET properties. For regular slots they have decent HLR at both Harrah's and Harvey's with decent selection. Tahoe is totally different than Vegas imo but much better.

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    Yes, the $750 covers up to 2 people, and you can even use it for economy plus or first class if you can get it cheap enough (or just pay the difference if it goes over $750).

    You need to book the flight through Caesars Passport Travel. Research the itinerary you want, then e-mail your host.
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    Ahh well that's good to know - Where can I find that Caesars Passport Travel website? Tried looking through google and

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