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    JSTAT visits Thunder Valley Casino Resort for an overnight trip of casino gambling. Thunder Valley is located in Lincoln, California outside of Sacramento and about an 2 hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area. In the video, JSTAT hits a Ultimate X video poker jackpot, watches his wife hit a slot machine win, takes a walk around the pit games which includes EZ Baccarat, regular baccarat, blackjack, and the usual carnival games. At the end of the video is a Poker Night in America filming in the hotel lobby. Poker Brat Phil Hellmuth plays against Brad Garrett of TV comedy "Everybody Loves Raymond"

    Casino reporter, enjoys blackjack/baccarat card counting to win. Moviemakerjjcasino on YouTube and Twitter

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    Very cool. Thanks for posting this. I wanted to hear more about the degenerates as you drove up.

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    It looks like it is crowded, people from Sacramento told me in the past there is not much to do around that area other than watch the Kings basketball team. They live there for a short time to be able to save up money with lowered living expenses there.

    I think this is another good thing for people to do if they can manage themselves.

    Thanks for sharing the insides. Pechanga is very open to people sharing slot machine wins and restaurant food on social media. Morongo and San Manuel are really against filming on any aspect on the casino floor.

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