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Thread: Host commission at CET

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    When I booked my Tahoe trip, I wanted to get my host "credit" for my large amount of play I expected to do.

    I finally have a good host. Most others I've dealt with have treated me somewhere between a pariah and a nuisance. This one is nice and helpful.

    Anyway, I e-mailed her and told her I could probably book the stay myself, but that I wanted her to get credit for my play. I asked if that meant she had to book it.

    She said that, yes, she had to book it (or at least be associated with the booking).

    I did that, and she got the credit.

    Keep in mind that this was a visit to an outside market (Tahoe) when my home market is Vegas.

    I am not clear about how it's done when you book yourself (using the 800 number or online) in the home market.

    Also, I wonder if the converse is true. If I booked Tahoe myself and then didn't play at all, would that have prevented her numbers from being dinged by my lack of play? I was always under the impression that CET hosts aren't dinged at all if you make the reservation yourself, which is part of the reason I like to book no-play stays on my own whenever possible.

    Anyone have more info on this?

    BTW, not sure if this matters, but I'm not sure if she's a direct employee of CET. Her e-mail goes to her own private travel company, and she claims she works "7 days a week", which is not common for CET hosts. However, the way I found her (and became associated with her) was when I needed a Rio host to approve my Seven Stars trip about a year ago.
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    I've been told that your "home property host" gets a commission no matter where you play or who books the trip. A portion is shared with a host at another property if the host at the other property is involved in your booking.

    For years my home property was Rincon, but I haven't been back to Rincon since August of 2015, and I don't want my FORMER host at Rincon to benefit by even a nickel from my play. I am hoping that by now "the computer" has switched my home property to Caesars Palace and my host there is getting ALL of my commission money.

    Caesars considers your home property to be the casino where you play the most. As I mentioned I haven't been back to Rincon since August of 2015 and my host there did nothing to stick up for me when they said I was cheating the comp system by playing on my son's card. Rincon cut off my offer of $40 weekly free play -- in the same year I lost $45,000. Yeah, they've got a genius there making decisions.

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    This morning I verified that Caesars is now my "dominant" casino.

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