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Thread: WiFi upgrade on reservation confirmation

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    I made a future reservation for Caesars. I'm Seven Stars. And on the confirmation was this:

    With our compliments, you'll also enjoy an upgrade to our premium WIFI speed!

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    When I tried to log in, it only gave me an option for "Basic 20 Mbps", which is the same as what used to be called Premium.

    I don't know if it does that because it sees I'm Seven Stars, or if everyone now gets the "complimentary wifi upgrade".
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    My confirmation came from an email. I didn't see anything online about the wifi.

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    This has probably been discussed somewhere before, but why don't you use your own mobile hot spot for better security. Those hotel wifis aren't really secure.

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    In some of the rooms at Caesars there is poor reception for cell phones and you need their wifi. However, about 90% of the time I do not need their wifi.

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    It should also be noted that, unless you have an unlimited data plan, computers tend to eat up data far faster than smartphones do. This is because they aren't optimized to use less data, as computers are almost always connected via unlimited data plans (such as your home broadband).

    But yeah, the steel construction of many hotels makes cell phone reception marginal or nonexistent, which kills your ability to have good internet speeds when tethering your computer to your smartphone.
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    Last time I was in Vegas and stayed at the Flamingo I used their wifi but I have my own mifi hotspot and if I put it in the window of my room usually Ive done just fine and get data rates comparable.. With Verizon and a lot of carriers offering unlimited again its worth considering.. Now what they do fail to mention is the hotspoting isn't unlimited tethering/hotspot is limited to 10Gs but unless your watching HD videos for an extended time chances are you will befine

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