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Thread: Albertson's Monopoly 2017 Rare Game Piece Trading Thread

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    *** NOTE *** This is the 2017 Thread!

    Click here for the 2018 Albertson's Monopoly Rare Game Piece Thread


    The rare game pieces for this game are listed here:

    You may post your trade requests here.


    - Consult the rare game piece page FIRST. Do NOT request a piece unless you ALREADY have a rare or semi-rare piece.

    - If you only have a semi-rare piece, you are NOT allowed to charge half the prize for the rare one. Anyone who asks for more than a few hundred dollars for a semi-rare piece will have their post removed.

    - No junk posting allowed.

    In addition to Albertson's, this game also exits at Safeway, Pavilions, Carrs, Vons, Randalls, Eagle, Pak ‘n Save, Tom Thumb, JewelOsco, ACME Markets, Shaw's/Star Market, United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos, United Express, Albertsons Market, Lucky (Southern California only) and Super Saver in the states of Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming.

    - The official website for this game is:

    - If you are new to this site and want to post, you need to register here, and verify your e-mail address to be approved.
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    Looking for monopoly piece 8D86A. I have the semi rare 8D87B.

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    Looking for piece 8C91A.
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    Originally Posted by Mbienert View Post
    Looking for piece 8C91A.
    I have this

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    I have the 8Z07G piece and am willing to work something out with anyone having 8Z08H?

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    Originally Posted by Jeccalin View Post
    I have this
    Great! May I make a trade or buy it from you?

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    I have two semi-rare pieces 9A04C and 8B99D. Anyone willing to trade both for 8K64D OR 8L57A OR 8F77A OR 8G75C?

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    DelawareDan I am currently searching my hundreds of extras to check for you on what you are looking for as I am interested in trading for the two pieces you have

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    I have 9A04C
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    I have 8Y16h and am willing to work something out if you need it. . .let me know.

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    I have semi rare pieces 8D87B(for $40000 home makeover) and 8B99D(for $20000 college tuition) and im looking to trade for 8J66B,8K64D,or 8M54B

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    I need rare game piece 8ZO8H
    I have most on my game board filled out and 95 % of my gameboard needs 1 rare game piece for each window . Let me what
    You guys have that can help me out, and I will do the same. A trade for a trade.

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    I have 8E85E and am willing to work something out!

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    Hi all, I have a question. I've been shopping at Safeway religiously playing this darn game and when I entered a Nickelodeon code incorrectly it said my account was suspended. Has anyone ever had any experience with this? I sent an email to playmonopoly .us to ask them to reinstate but I'm confused? Any advice or a different contact email. I'm having fun and enjoying the freebies and coupons. So far I've won a $25 gift card and a few five dollars here and there as well as a lot of groceries. - Tammy

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    Looking to sell or trade this semi rare piece that goes with the $10,000 family vacation prize. 9B07A

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    Looking for 8D86A. I have 8D87B.

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    I have semi-rare piece 8E85E. Willing to sell for reasonable amount.

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    I have the $1 million vacation home semi-rare piece 8Y16H which requires 8Y14F in order to complete the sequence. If there is anyone out there who would like to collaborate, plz reply. I live in Encinitas, CA. Thx, & hope to hear from u!

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