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Thread: "Kind Heaven", a weird holographic, southeast Asian themed complex to open at The Linq Promenade in 2019

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    This is one of the odder entertainment plans for Las Vegas, but if it goes off as conceived, it can make you feel like the future has arrived.

    "Kind Heaven" is slated to open at The Linq Promenade in August 2019. It will cost $100 million to build.

    Perry Farrell, of Jane's Addiction fame (and also the creator of Lollapalooza) is behind it.

    Here are two articles describing it:

    Neither article goes into very much specific detail, however. I'm still left confused about what a visitor would encounter there.

    From what I can gather, it's going to be a very technologically advanced, southeast Asian themed holographic/virtual reality/live action complex, where you're supposed to feel like you're really on the streets and back alleys of various southeast Asian countries.

    Food will be a big part of this, which will also be southeast Asian themed.

    It will be split into two segments -- "family friendly" (11am-5pm), and "adult" (8pm-3am). Preliminary admission prices will be $30 during the day and $65 at night.

    What will "adult" entail? Will you get to see naked virtual reality and/or holographic Asian women? Kinda sounds like it's going that way.

    I'm a little bit confused how they can do such a thing for a mass audience. Like, how many people will be there at once, and how can this really be a realistic, immersive experience if you're surrounded by wall-to-wall tourists?

    The gambling aspect has not yet been fleshed out yet. One idea seems to be betting on virtual monkey wrestling (not kidding), but they're still figuring all of that out.

    Will advantage players figure out how to beat virtual reality monkey wrestling at some point? Will security guards take you into a virtual backroom after having done so?

    This whole thing actually seems kind of cool, but I'm not sure it will live up to the hype, nor am I convinced yet that current technology can produce what they're going for. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    One day we'll be at the point where it will be easy to take realistic-looking virtual reality vacations, perhaps even flying over landscapes like Superman. I suppose we will also eventually be at a point where we can have realistic virtual reality sexual encounters without another human being involved. Even if I'm alive when that becomes viable, I'm guessing I'll be too old to care about sex at that point.

    But I'm getting ahead of myself here. I'm genuinely intersted to see where Farrell's "Kind Heaven" project goes, and part of me really hopes it turns out to be something cool. But like everything with Vegas, you have to wait and see before getting too excited.
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    It doesnt sound like pornography would be in the adult model. Possibly the streets and or building may have scantily clothed women. I dont think they want pee wee hermans unzipping in their 100 million dollar "theater". It will most likely be adult themed with sexy women and maybe language that is more adult. But I dont expect the seats and floors to be sticky.

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    I just don't get it.
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    Originally Posted by MisterV View Post
    I just don't get it.
    I figured that at some point, holographic musical performances, like depicted in Las Vegas in the last Blade Runner film, would become staples of LV. This sounds like the beginning. Live performers mixed with holographic performances.

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