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Thread: "2 Free Nights at a $49 Rate"

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    I just received an email from the Horseshoe of southern Indiana. I understood the first headline, "Earn Free Slot Play." If I earn 100 tier credits, I get $10 free play.

    I understood the second headline, "Indulge at The Spread." I have a buy one, get one buffet offer.

    It's the third headline that has me questioning English as my first language. If anyone knows what "2 Free Nights at a $49 Rate" actually means, please let me know.

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    Hmmm.....that sounds wonky. Perhaps it's worded differently than you're reading it. I've seen stuff before that made no sense then someone else explained "there's a comma there" or "that doesn't say FREE it says DISCOUNT" kind of a thing.

    Do you have a picture of it (shop out personal info obvi).

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    Nope, RS, I'm an old journalist. When I put things in quotes, it's a verbatim quote. In bold, it says "2 Free Nights at a $49 Rate." No commas, no explanatory sub-heading.

    I would say "Two" myself, but minutia aside, what the hell does that mean?

    I know we are in the land of Orwellian doublespeak and all that, but "2 Free Nights at a $49 Rate" is something even Kellyanne Conway wouldn't say.

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    I think it's pretty clear. You are getting two free nights in a room that normally would cost $49 a night. If the offer read just "two free nights" your rooms could have been priced at $18 or $800.

    I don't know what the rates are at that casino, but perhaps two free nights in a forty-nine dollar a night room is an attractive offer.

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    It's two free nights with a $49 resort fee tacked on. LOL!

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