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    A month ago, I found a good number and took a crack at the Celtics at +600 to win the East. They fell behind Chicago 2-0, but rallied to win four straight. They then took on the Wizards and somehow won the first two games, including an overtime win in Game Two when their point guard careered it. After that game, I came to the conclusion the Wizards were flat out better. I should have taken the Wizards to win the series then, but I waited out Game Three. Washington blew out the Celtics. Bad non-bet on my part. I then took Washington to win the series at +220, betting half the amount of the Celtics-to-win East wager.

    So Washington won Game four, Boston Game Five, and Washington Game Six to set up a Game Seven showdown. I just hope if Boston wins, Cleveland is not an enormous favorite in the Eastern finals, as my hedge on Washington has cut my leverage. I think, all things considered, I might prefer Washington win, which will get me my money back plus lunch. Then if I want I could re-bet against Cleveland, taking Washington as a presumably hefty dog. I don't think Cleveland will just blow through Washington.
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    Red-I am very unimpressed with Boston. I have to admit I lost the first 2 games when the Bulls beat them, but I stubbornly just kept betting Boston, not because I think they are good, but because here in Chicago we pretty much hate this Bulls team and think they suck.

    Hope it works out for you.

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    I am very unimpressed with Boston, too. That's why I took Washington to hedge. Boston was very fortunate to win the first two games of that series. I actually think Washington has a better shot at Cleveland than Boston. My plan all along was to get Boston to the Eastern finals with home court and then hedge. If by some miracle, Cleveland was beaten, I had a great wager. And I thought Boston having home court would cut the head-to-head odds versus the Cavaliers some. Unfortunately, Cleveland has looked great to this point. Basically, it looks like if Boston wins Game Seven, I'll take a small loss, as I have to figure Cleveland will be more than -400 to win the series. If Washington wins Game Seven, I get my money back and lunch.

    So basically I'm likely going to either lose dinner money or win lunch money. Not a winning scenario, but I like to report reality. Wish I always won, like a certain best video poker player in the world.
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