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Thread: Caesars sends out cutesy e-mail to warn about new $50 penalty

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    Leave it to Caesars to put a cutesy marketing spin on the announcement of a new policy penalizing customers.

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    Notice the e-mail subject of, "No One Likes to Be Stood Up", and then the body of the e-mail containing the fun-looking picture of the vacationing couple lying on the bed.

    This is all to announce a new $50 penalty for no-showing on comps?

    There had to be a better way to do this. This task shouldn't have been handed to the marketing department.

    Interestingly, I always thought there WAS a penalty for no-showing on comps, which is why I was required to give a credit card to guarantee comp rooms in most cases.

    I don't even mind this policy. It's not too much to ask to call by 6pm on the day of check-in to tell them that you won't be there. I've always done that, anyway.

    I just am laughing at the way they're announcing it.
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    When I arrange comped rooms with my host, I actually do not need to provide a credit card (although I guess they could root around my past charges and find the numbers). But I have never "no showed" and given the cancellation deadline of 6:00 PM of the day of check-in, any no show would just be rude. I wonder if there is a significant amount of comped no shows enough to trigger this new policy.

    It reminds me of Southwest Airlines. Southwest has a company policy that one can reuse fares for up to 12 months with no rescheduling fee. About 2 years ago, a policy was implemented that for discounted fares, one had to cancel at least 10 minutes before the flight or the discount fare would disappear and could not be resued. I imagine this was because a lot of passengers just "no showed" which made Southwest's planning difficult.

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    All Seven Stars (and I am sure Diamond players too) have a credit card on file with the casino (Caesars).

    I personally rarely arrive before 6pm but my host always puts on my reservation that I am likely to arrive at 12 midnight or sometimes later. Frankly, when I drive from LA, I usually don't leave till about 8pm after traffic.

    In all honesty, I wonder just how many people are "no shows" on comped rooms and failed to talk to their host? I think this is much ado about nada.
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    In my cautious opinion, I'm glad that there is an announced penalty, and maybe the penalty should be a little higher.

    Why? Because it is safe to say that flaked reservations take away availability to people like us who probably wouldn't do that.
    Just @#%*& Call them if you can't make it. You already held a room!

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