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Thread: July 4th Promos?

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    Originally Posted by Rob.Singer View Post
    Originally Posted by redietz View Post
    The funny thing is, I started this thread mainly because I was hoping there might be some food promos available because I was going to spend 48 hours running all over the city, and I hate paying for overpriced specialty buffets (common on holidays) and I hate eating in the more expensive coffee shops. Since it was a holiday, many of the point discounts and ACG coupons and such were a no go for food.

    I thought maybe there would be some hot dog extravaganzas or cheap holiday turkey specials or something. I never found any. It wasn't my intention to start a Greek dialectic about copper pans.
    We got the point red. You want people to believe your some anonymous big time LV gaming expert, who hits more casinos than mistakes you've made with women. Then you expose yourself as some coffee-shop lurking, cheap buffet rat who needs whatever coupon deals are out there in order to feel like you're keeping up your act.
    Hey, Rob, let me get this straight. On one hand, I'm trying to fake being a sports gambler. On the other hand, I keep slipping up and letting people know I eat at buffets and coffee shops. God, I'm just incompetent in all kinds of ways. Plus I went 2000 posts without mentioning the sports gambling, but I'm trying to impress. Is that right?

    The funny thing about you, my friend, is that you're all about addiction and some middle class version of conspicuous consumption. Hellcat rentals and Winnebagos? LOL. I mean really, dude, if you ate 200 meals a year in LV (as I do), you'd be what? Hanging with your lovely wife in top notch eateries for most of the meals? And the idea that someone can bet a lot in one area of expertise but have the discipline to not in another is something totally alien to you, which means most of these addiction caveats you keep tossing at Alan have mostly to do with you.

    Rob, the fact is, you don't know what the hell you're doing when it comes to gambling. You should be proud of that. You've engaged all of these knowledgeable dudes all of these years, like jb and arci and mickey and so on, and you have no clue what you're doing. It's like people seriously engaging an orangutan in a debate about chess. It's pretty funny, if you have the right sense of humor.

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    One of my favorite places in Vegas is The Omelette House on Sahara in EAST Las Vegas. Rob, did you read that? In EAST Las Vegas. I happen to also eat at the café at Arizona Charlies and I really like the bacon cheeseburger special platter for $5.99 and there is a dive bar in EAST Las Vegas that has $1 artificial crab cocktails that are absolutely delicious -- it's a big parfait of artificial crab with plenty of cocktail sauce. I usually order two.

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    Thank you for saying this. Rob Singer will love it.
    Alan, here is how things worked with me when the casino was giving away some cheap thigamajig. From about late 1999 until early 2002 the standard quarter AP play at the Pioneer/Laughlin was the unlinked 8/5 Flush Attacks (101.83%). The card was worth .16666% cashback and .3333% comp. And they came with regular promotions like Card of the Day or 2X or 3X cashback. At 1000 hands per hour the play was worth $25 an hour plus promotions.

    One time they came with a promotion where for a hit of 125 coins or more you got a six-pack of cheap beer. In normal video poker you would have to hit a quad or higher to get the six-pack. But with Flush Attack every fourth flush paid 125 coins. Averaging the quads or higher with the fourth flushes meant that you would average getting a six-pack about every 140 games. They brought the beer in by the container load. You were given vouchers for the beer. When you got through playing you went out to the container to pick up your beer.

    There were a couple of guys who had a market for the beer. They paid $1 per voucher. Myself and others had no problem selling them to these guys. It was a quick hassle free market for us. And we didn't have to wrestle around cases of beer. It added about $7 an hour to the play.

    That's how it works, Alan.

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    South Point today
    10x pts on penny reels
    5x pts reels
    2x pts video poker

    The card is .3 at normal levels

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