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Thread: Excellent but obscure flicks

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    A couple classic, cult favorites worth checking out:

    "Harold and Maude."

    "Donnie Darko."
    What, Me Worry?

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    Citizen X......if you like Giamatti..Its and od movie and for fans of Giamatti ...its worth it. ITS ABOUT 10 YEARS OLD BUT i JUST SAW IT.

    personal shopper if you like movies where you say "wtf" when its over. A movie for discussion. Indie movie. A couple years old..I jsut saw it a month or so ago.

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    A Documentary about Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds..released by hbo a month after their deaths.

    And after viewing it i can see why mom died a day after daughter

    It showed their relationship. Yes it has some info about past marriages and drug use...but the majority showed the relationship between mom and daughter. From the movie Postcards fromthe would think fisher had a strained relationship with her mon...but they actually lived next to each other in the same compound.

    It was a well made documentary and delivered what it intended

    it got 100 percent on rotten tomatos from the critics. A rare event for sure.;

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    actually citizen x was a different movie with stephen rea..... that was good too.

    I forgot the name of the movie with giamotti..... i could look it up. He played himself in a move where he removed his soul in a futuristic farce...oops just remembered the name

    Cold Souls

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    Haywire. Not that obscure but, IMHO better than The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (both versions) with way less press and hype from the film media.

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    maybe not exactly obscure but hasn't gotten a lot of attention - one of my favorites - all about con artistry

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    I saw Funny Games in 1997 in Berlin and I'm a big Haneke fan since then. It was the craziest movie I've ever watched back in those days and after this movie I decided to quit my real estate job and get in a movie school. I could have never imagined that such a boring trip to Germany to search for a hotel for sale in Berlin could change my life so radically.

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