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Thread: CET Self Booking for 80,000 Tier Trip and Seven Stars Retreat

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    FAB I am not familiar with what Rincon is doing but remember that Rincon is privately owned (Rincon band of Indians) and Caesars only manages the casino for them and ties in Total Rewards that way. They very well could have their own independent incentives because of where they are located which is quite a distance from ANY airport.
    Hi Alan:

    I guess it is very possible the Rincon does have its own unique incentives. By way of example, they offer Seven Stars 2 free buffets daily -- something I have not seen at other places. The reason I posted this is because two years ago, I also used my Diamond Aspirations 2 $750 flight allowance to fly into San Diego. I made the reservations through my "main" host in Las Vegas. No one told me that I was entitled to the car service (or rental car reimbursement). It is possible that the Vegas host did not know about it, or it was not yet available. So the lesson I guess is that if you use your Aspirations 2 trips to visit Rincon, use a Rincon host.

    BTW, the same host gave me an option to either purchase my own tickets and seek free play reimbursement or let her book through Passport. She said that Passport travel has a lag time. I told her I would rather CET pay for the tickets. So both options are open for travel. There was a week lag time, but I got the ticket confirmations.


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    Originally Posted by ccship View Post
    Oh man - I'm at 75,000 tier credits. I aim to make 2 trips to get to 80,000. I could do it in one trip but I don't want to pressure myself to slightly overextend for a day.

    Anyways, any tips on how to spend that airfare credit in 2018? I live in Southern California... Interested in anywhere but Vegas (love Vegas but not for this trip) How is Reno/Tahoe?
    Hi ccship:

    You will really like Tahoe. It is a slice of heaven. But you will either have to rent a car or use a scheduled bus (or casino transportation if offered) to get there as it is a one-hour drive from Reno Airport to Lake Tahoe. Reno reminds me of downtown Vegas a few years ago. Not much other than gambling there, albeit lower limits. Nerakil says he got the full $750 Aspirations 2 free play reimbursement at Tahoe. He does not represent it will work again and certainly not at Reno.


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