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Thread: Class II slots

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    Has anyone done any kind of thorough analysis on the odds on Class II (bingo-based) machines?

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    What specifically do you mean by "odds?"

    I'd have to assume that casinos can adjust the payback percentage, just as they can with Class III rng slots.

    There are informative articles about Class II slots at
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    These machines have been slightly bugging me.

    When they 'draw the bingo balls' sometimes it take an extra split-second or 5, to display the results, and the delay is not at all consistent. It sometimes ruins the flow for some slot games.... Whatever I play VP 80% of the time anyways.

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    Don't play class 2 vp.
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    If you go through the rules menu on the ones I've seen, they always tell you the specific payouts for hitting specific bingo patterns (such as a full screen, just the borders, a triangle, etc). It seems to me one could go through these and figure out the actual return of the game, and when the progressives go positive, much like in video poker.

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