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Thread: Race to the Super Bowl

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    For those who are interested in such things, I'm currently in 25th place in Heritage Sports' Race to the Super Bowl contest, which has north of a thousand entries. This is the contest I won two years ago, with first place 25K in Super Bowl wagers. Being in 25th place is something of a miracle, as I have sucked each and every week, pretty much. The contest requires picking the outright winner of all NFL games, the outright winner of select college high profile games, and a handful of primetime NFL pointspread totals. I've been terrible, but evidently most people have been worse.

    Anyway, if you get to check it out, I may not be in the top 25 long, as I have the Eagles and Under tonight.

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    Quick Update: I am tied for 19th with the Chiefs and Under Monday night. It will be virtually impossible to actually contend for the top spot, but my goal is to get within striking distance of third.

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    I am sad to report that my girlfriend has passed me in the standings. I am 30th. She is 28th. I have Detroit and Over tonight. I do not know what she has.

    This is going to be a genders wars thing. Buckle up.

    I cannot get a Thursday night game or a Monday night total right to save my friggin' life.

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    The good news is that I have moved up to 17th in the Race to the Super Bowl Contest with a 25K first place prize, which I won two years ago. The bad news is that my girlfriend has moved into 13th. I guess that's not really bad news, unless you live in the same house. I don't think we can make a move into the top five, but top 25 cash. I have Seattle and the Over tonight, so my top 25 standing could go out the window pretty quick. I do not know who she has.

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