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Thread: Harrah's New Orleans changes "Besh Steak" to "BH Steak" after allegations of sexual harassment against John Besh

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    John Besh was one of the high-profile men accused of sexual harassment in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. It was alleged that Besh and other male managers routinely harassed women, and then ostracized them if they attempted to complain.

    Harrah's quickly renamed Besh Steak to "BH Steak". All staff at the restaurant remains the same, but there have been some menu changes. Harrah's has also terminated its relationship with Besh Restaurant Group.

    Presumably Harrah's maintained the right to do this contractually, if Besh were to have any kind of bad publicity. (I'm guessing this part.)

    BH is in honor of Bill Harrah, the founder of Harrah's.

    None of the sexual harassment is alleged to have occurred at Harrah's Besh Steak.

    I attempted to eat at Besh Steak, but could not get in because I had a child with me, and he would have had to walk through the casino to get there, which is illegal in Louisiana.

    The reviews of the place are mediocre.
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    I have been to two Besh restaurants and loved them both, and I am not one to chase after and blindly love the celebrity chefs.

    August is expensive special occasion type of food but was extraordinary.

    Luke is casual with a great happy hour and, if you like oysters, raw or fried, the place to go.

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    I've eaten at the former Besh Steakhouse at the Harrah's New Orleans a couple to times. It wasn't bad, wasn't good. I was able to use Harrah's vouchers so I could not complaint. But in a city chok-full of wonderful and unique restaurants, it is not a place I would go out of my way for. Dan, you did not miss anything by not being to eat there with you son.


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