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    I've mentioned my participation in the Wise Guys Contest on many occasions. I just want to report that the 50-something entrants this year in the invitation-only handicapping competition are on a record-setting pace. I haven't crunched the numbers precisely, but just eyeballing them, it looks to me that if the handicappers go just .500 over the back half of the contest, they may set an all-time record for best percentage. Considering that the contest is more than 30 years ongoing, that's really something.

    Basically, the group is killing it.

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    Theory as to why that is?? I am neither playing nor following it closely but it seems in the NFL anyone can win (except Cleveland), even the Bears.

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    It's like they say, and this is a ridiculous oversimplification, but the public thinks they know most things, and the pros know that they don't know most things. Arrogance, and betting big chalk, will get you killed some years. This is one of those years. Pros steer clear of that stuff.

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