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Thread: Traveling armed to anywhere...

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    When I have this argument with my wife, she does point out that I would be much too likely to unnecessarily use the gun. A little too hot headed.
    She is correct.

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    Originally Posted by mickeycrimm View Post
    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    Mickeycrimm I don't want you to have a gun. I think you're more likely to kill someone who doesn't deserve to be killed or you might get killed yourself if you do have a gun.
    Here's a real life example, Alan. One of my sisters was driving a lonely road. A car came up behind her filled with men. They made three attempts to run her off the road with the maneuver the cops use to make a car spin out. What were they up to? Were they going to rape and kill her? She didn't know. But she pulled out her gun and pointed it at the car. The car sped away.
    And if they had guns and opened fire first?

    Do you realize it's a no win situation?
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Originally Posted by LarryS View Post
    I drive 225 miles to reno each way to reno 50 weekends a year for the last 19 years. Some of the drive(about 60 miles),,,,in through 2 lane widy roads though the sierras. I have thought about "what if" scenarios where i get a blowout or mechanical troubles at night on 1-80 in that area. And I figured, that if someone had a gun and wanted to rob me...they would already have the advantage as the surprise factor would be their advantage...rendering my gun useless. And then what if someone stopped to help me, got a glimpse of the gun and ran away.....leaving open to getting hit by a large truck as me and my wife stay in my car to keep warm in frigid an area where cell phone connections are sparse. There are gun shows at the reno convention center a couple times a year and I thought about it...but so far after approx 1000 trips I havent had the need.
    I am not saying that I will never run into a situation where I wish I had a gun,,,,,I guess I like playing the odds....
    Larry- I gotta tell you dude, you are a total target by driving blind and unarmed. You are playing out a scenario in your head based on only what you've seen on TV in the movies. You are basing your real life safety on fantasy. Once you become a firearm owner, you GET REAL TRAINING. There are so many good classes and instructors out there.

    I suggest looking up Front Site in Nye County, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. They have some good basic, advance and survival programs. There is also a place in Arizona. There are classes all over and you can also order real life training DVDs, books as well. Please really look at getting a firearm for protection and then some real training and survival education. It will really make a world of difference.

    If you want some online reference material, look on YouTube for "Tactical Response" and Student of the Gun online.

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    I do not carry a gun and would not. I have been shot at. Now with that said I have a question for you carriers:

    Would you fire first?

    The problem I see with most gun owners is that they want a gun for protection. But unless you are willing to shoot first you are likely to get yourself killed when the bad guy sees your gun. So are you willing to shoot first?
    There is no hard and fast rule. You shoot to protect yourself and shoot to stop the threat. There are no rules in street fighting and no standards or absolute ways it has to be.

    Again, you really, REALLY need training to go with your firearm. You just dont buy a gun and then rely on what you've seen in the movies and TV. Its like you poker guys just picking up a deck of cards and then your supposed to be a poker expert...NO, it takes training, education and experience. Please abandon your ideas of how this works and really get some survival education and training.

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    My answers are in bold.

    Originally Posted by LarryS View Post
    I have thought about this may not happen in my lifetime(just over 60) ..but you see movies where there is some disaster that causes a city to evacuate....and in the movies the worst you see is long lines of cars out of town....gridlock.
    There is a way to "bug out" and survive. You need to preplan and know how to survive. Its not just getting a gun and shooting people. Start looking up "bugging out" and "urban survival". There are so many answers to your questions.
    But what about the bad guys.....knowing that almost every car is fillled with, coin collections,collectables . So what if "bad guys" on motorcycles, singly or acting in unison robbed the cars that are in gridlock. Again, I doubt a gun would help me....might get me killed if I shoot someone and his gang member riddles my car with bullets.
    I am highly sure a gun WILL help you. You need to learn how to properly bug out and prepare. Some of you guys worry me as youre so willing to be a victim and let the bad guys get you and your valuables. LEARN HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF and SURVIVE. There is training and education involved. There are books, video and classes on this. Please do some research.

    If a dude is shooting up a movie theater I am gun would be useless..and probably get me killed if i stood up and tried to shoot.
    WRING. If some guy shoots up a movie theater, why be a sitting duck. LEARN TACTICS AND HOW TO SURVIVE. Geez guys, stop leaning towards being a victim, learn to FIGHT and defend yourselves. a gun WOULD be useful and be your main survival took. Atleast have a fighting chance instead of being a sitting duck.

    Very rarely i hear about an immigrant person sorking at a 7-11 who gets a gun pulled on him/her and calls the bluff, pulls his own gun and shoots or scares away the robber. But usually the robber has the advantage....before someoe could reach for a gun. I would rather have a silent alarm buttin in the case,,,,,accessible to my foot and hand
    Again, there is survival training for this. There are so many videos showing the victim pulling a firearm and fighting back. Stop wanting to be a victim and start thinking about survival and defending yourself.

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    Originally Posted by LarryS View Post
    people willing to shoot first andask questions later wold not be someone who has worked all their life, accumulated wealth, and then risk having it all taken away if you are wrong.

    If i didnt have a pot to piss in,,,,,yeah i would shoot first in almost all cases
    Guys- Again and again, there needs to be training, education and skills. Its not just "shoot first". You really need to take some classes and get some education. FORGET EVERYTHING YOUVE SEEN IN THE MOVIES AND TV, THAT IS NOT REAL LIFE.

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    Originally Posted by mickeycrimm View Post
    Turn sideways to the shooter to make a smaller target. Deliver a tight pattern with a lot of lead, Wild Bill Hickock style. Countless people have died with their last thought being "If I had only had a gun."
    Bad advice. Get REAL FIREARMS TRAINING, EDUCATION and SKILLS from a real facility.

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    Originally Posted by LarryS View Post
    Also using a gun doesnt always means you know the other persobn has a gun, then you run into the issue of legal force necessary. There hav been cases where a person is hot in someones home and gets nailed with excessive force. The point s, if someone is in your homes while you sleep...they probably know where you are and you dont know where they are......advantage robber. And if they wanted you are dead with or without a gun.
    Totally BAD ADVICE here and please dont embrace it. Home defense is a total multi layered system that takes thought, training and practice. Please do not believe in this crap and start researching and learning about home defense with a firearm. You guys are poker players, right? Do you show your cards right away, no. Its all based on experience, training, calculations, skills and education. You CAN defend your home properly and safely with a firearm. Get training.

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    MEMBERS in this thread- You guys really need training, education and physical skills to own a firearm and exercise self defense. I am worried about what I am reading here. You guys are making posts based on no experience, training or education. PLEASE do some real research and get up to speed on self defense with a firearm. Thank you.

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    And if they had guns and opened fire first?
    When if's, and's and buts'
    are candy and nuts
    We'll all have a merry Christmas!
    Hate crime hoaxes? The left's demand for biggots greatly exceeds the supply.

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    You guys here worry me as it seems like you want to be victims here, its the easy way out. When you wanted to drive a car, did someone just throw you the keys and say- "Here you go, have at it". No, you got training, education and wheel time. When you started playing poker, did you just watch the WSOP on TV and become an expert? No, it takes time, skills, training and experience. It takes the same with a firearm and self defense. You need to get the proper training, education and time at the range to hone your skills. So please, dont be afraid of a gun and using one in self defense, it takes time, training, effort and patience.

    Here is a good place to start training...

    Check out James Yeager at Tactical Response-
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    Originally Posted by Desertrunner View Post
    MEMBERS in this thread- You guys really need training, education and physical skills to own a firearm and exercise self defense. I am worried about what I am reading here. You guys are making posts based on no experience, training or education. PLEASE do some real research and get up to speed on self defense with a firearm. Thank you.
    totally agree.....the bad guys often have that advantage as well. They are used to handling a gun, drawing a weapon and shooting a weapon without fear. In order to get to their level and beyond it WOULD take training. But not just training, but repeated practice, because learning something today, and keeping it dormant for 10years, will not do you anygood when you actually need it.
    How many people are relly up for doing that.? Not many. There are plenty of people willing to own a gun, but the training and practice part I would guess is very limited for most...especially for us city folks.

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    This is why I recommend the DVDs on top of the training to stay current. Get the traiining whereever and try to stay current. But dont just give up and be a victim because its the easy way out.

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    I carry in my car in 2 spots and a shotgun in the trunk. Sometimes I open carry at the Dog Park. I never worry about having weapons in my car. Sometimes I worry a little when I go to California because I am pretty sure I am in clear violation if I get caught but I think that risk is very minimal so I take that risk. About shooting first... it depends on the situation. I believe that if your going to pull out a weapon you better be ready to use it and committed to using it as well. If I had to use it I would wait to try to get a clear advantage. For me the weapons are insurance and for defensive purposes. Also the weapons I own are for investments as well. They go up in value and they have multiple purposes.

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    As for the whole "shoots first", there is no definite answer. It all depends on the situation, your training, mind set, getting cover, defusing the situation, etc. Again, training is really the key. Think of self defense with your fists only, it also depends on the situation when you might use your fists. But NEVER back down, take no action and just let yourself be a victim or sitting duck. Because then you will ALWAYS be a victim and sitting duck and thats no way to live.

    Originally Posted by monet View Post
    For me the weapons are insurance and for defensive purposes. Also the weapons I own are for investments as well. They go up in value and they have multiple purposes.
    I agree with this and most of my firearms have a specific purpose (home defense, road, animal, strictly investment).

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