100 days have passed and the college football season is over. Since 90% of our wagering is on college football, it is quite an abrupt, dramatic thing to see no playable games this week (except a teaser and a middle shot or two), and the locked in, 24/7 numbers checking and concentration have ended.

We did quite well, never an easy thing. From here through the bowls, we might risk a grand total of 10% of our bankroll on NFL plays and various things, but that's spread out over many very small plays of .3 or .4% at a time, so nothing dramatic is likely to happen to the bottom line.

I will be trying to assemble copies of the infamous "package" if anyone is interested, and some of my guys and I will be in Las Vegas in December, so I guess meet-and-greets could be done. I'll be in and out of LV several times in the next few weeks, but sometimes for just 24 hours. Let me know if you have any sports betting questions, and now that I have some time, I'll attempt to answer them.