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Thread: Diamond Lounge rules in Laughlin???

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    My Seven Stars Companion has just been blocked from using the Diamond Lounge at Harrah's in Laughlin. She was told that "companion cards" are no longer given access. Can this possibly be correct?

    I have never been in Laughlin. Are there special rules there? She uses my companion card all the time at the Vegas Diamond lounges.

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    I just got an education about the Harrah's Laughlin Diamond Lounge. It seems that within the Diamond Lounge there is a "Seven Stars Only Room" and you really must be a Seven Stars to get in. Seven Stars Companions don't count.

    The Seven Stars Room has appetizers and tables and they set up this room because there were too many Diamonds. Sometimes there is standing room only in the regular Diamond room (I was told this by a host) so they set up this exclusive room. ONLY the actual Seven Stars cardholder can get access with their guest. A Seven Stars Companion cannot get access on their own.

    Seven Stars companions must use the regular diamond lounge if they are on their own.

    But my immediate reaction is -- this sucks. It also means the spouse of a Seven Stars player gets NO respect. And in turn, the actual Seven Stars player gets no respect.

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    Here is a thread last year regarding the Seven Stars menu there:

    I didn't realize it was a separate room.
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