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Thread: Harrah's Atlantic City bait-and-switches customers during weird drone giveaway

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    It's strange enough to offer a drone to casino patrons as part of a promotion, especially since drones tend to appeal to a niche market, and many customers would have no use for them.

    But what about offering one drone as part of a giveaway, and then actually giving a much cheaper one when people show up to claim it?

    This disasterous promotion went down on December 8, according to Seven Stars Insider, which provided the following screen shot of the offer:

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    Notice that it actually says Guaranteed Gift, and then lists a product called, "Force1 U45W Blue Jay Wi-Fi FPV Drone w/HD Camera".

    This drone retails for $129.99 on Amazon:

    But is that the drone they provided? NO!

    Despite the gift being "guaranteed", instead they gave away the "Petrel FPV UDI R/C - U42W" drone, which retails for just $41.99 on Amazon:

    So they ended up giving people a drone worth less than 1/3 of the one they "guaranteed"!


    In addition, notice that the offer promises "free play" in lieu of the drone gift. That was also refused, even when people showed the offer e-mail to Harrah's employees.

    What a mess.

    BTW, I am a drone owner. A good drone costs around $1000-$1100.

    Even the $130 drone promised is more of a "toy" drone, but it's still worlds better than the $40 model, which is more suitable for kids.
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    I'm surprised they would even offer a drone. Isn't a license now required to operate them?

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    I'm surprised they would even offer a drone. Isn't a license now required to operate them?
    No license required.
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    There was some electronics giveaway a year or two ago, I think it was at Planet Hollywood, IIRC. They had all the TVs, stereos, and all that stuff. I already have a damn TV in my bed room I don't even use, I didn't want to mess with getting a surround sound system / stereo, or whatever else they had there. So I figured, what the hell, I'll get a drone.

    It's actually pretty cool, kinda. I used it like 3 times, inside my house, and it's a little....well, it's kinda scary. Operated through WiFi on my phone, and I had trouble visualizing which way the damn thing was facing, so I'd want to move it one way, I'd try to do that on the controls on the phone, and it'd move the other way, since it was facing a different way. It also didn't help that I had just organized a bunch of mail and had cut out money to give to people, all neatly stacked and organized in my living room. I got the drone going, and boom -- fans go a spinnin' and money + mailer goes flying everywhere. Those things got some real strong fan blades on them. Haven't used it since.

    Although I'm thinkin' of breaking it out again and taking it for a spin -- outside -- where that rabid animal belongs. Drones are not indoor pets! If you want an indoor pet, get a Roomba.

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    Registering is different than getting a license.

    Furthermore, the hard requirement to register was suspended, last I checked.
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