from a betting vantage is one scenario out of many possible. I ask this because in college BB a single player can make a difference in covering or not covering.

ok here s a scenario

2 minor teams play...lets say St Peters vs Siena. Lets say Siena is favored by 10.

lets say the st peters point guards uncle says to him," I am putting down 500 dollars on Siena to win by over 10....if u make it happen then u get 100. Or the point guard puts 100 dollars down on the game through a friend or relative directly so it cant be traced to his name.
The point guard for St Peters knows he isnt going to the pros, and his team is going nowhere...sohe doesnt have to do anything more than just miss a couple free throws and or throw an errant pass out of bounds. Nothing very noticeable. The spread is realistic, and all he did to make 100 dollars s just tweak the game a little to cover the 10 points. As a point guard the ball is in his hands alot....he has alot of control.

I am not even talking about throwing a game where you are that might involve some suspicious play. Someone may appear trying to lose. But this scenario is easily doable without anything suspicious goings on.

in the old days, the only way to make money like this was to deal with the man in the trenchcoat......but now its as easy as a click to a sports betting site.

And does something like this make college unbetable.

in other games like footbal, its hard for one person to have a great effect except maybe the QB. and in pro baseball hockey, football,..they all make too much money to need to do something like this.