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Thread: The WoV Thread

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    Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    What is interesting is that Mdawg in his ever trolling way, immediately jumped to a slang definition of "mental" equating to retarded, as in "he is mental he is retarded".

    The actual definition of mental is relating to the mind or of the mind, meaning his name or handle is a reflection of a cerebral approach to winning based on the math. Again, this is what advantage play is.

    AinQ, we are doing a lot of traveling working a play right now, but I have been home this weekend. Heading out on another trip tomorrow. Looks like this forum is thriving without me posting regularly. VCT is as a live and vibrant as our presidential candidates (both of them), including the guy that can't stay awake during his trial.
    Glad to hear you're out there killin' it.
    It is official. Redietz will never be on Dan Druff's podcast. "too much integrity"

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    Originally Posted by accountinquestion View Post
    I know which one Rob Singer is.
    It is official. Redietz will never be on Dan Druff's podcast. "too much integrity"

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    Originally Posted by MaxPen View Post
    This tunnel dwelling fraud doesn't have a clue as to what is really going on out there. He just reads shit on the Internet and lets his imagination run
    I tell you itís wonderful to be here, man. I donít give a damn who wins or loses. Itís just wonderful to be here with you people.

    MDawg Adventures carry on at:

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    Kew--people who are retarded have also been referred to as mental. Usually as a good mock. Anyone living in the real world would know that.

    Similarly, anyone who believes someone can "advantage slot play" online unregulated foreign-run casinos for profit because they somehow "know" they're involved in >100% endeavors, is as mental as the claimant.

    Time to return to your phony "trip".

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