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Thread: Did anyone catch the middle?

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    Bama -2.5 and GA +4 both won. I donít know if Bama -2.5 was ever out there this week. GA +4 was there all day.

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    a case where something as trivial as a coinflip could have made a difference

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    Of Course, Rob Singer must have had it.....

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    I think we had +4 and -3.

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    I'm going to report this because it was weird and heart breaking, but it also made money, so that's a good thing.

    I finished tied for third in the Wise Guys, which sounds like a good thing, but it's not, because I led the contest for two months. Once the college regular season is over, however, I basically have no plays (and I bet almost nothing), so I just have to squint at games and flip coins. That's why I posted here that anyone following the Wise Guys should not bet my plays the last month. In reality, I had no plays.

    Anyway, RS, I was in the very odd situation of using Alabama -4 1/2 in the Wise Guys. If they won, I won the contest. Meanwhile, I had Georgia at 45-1 to win the national title.

    So, to make a long story short, I was at risk of middling myself. To prevent this, of course, I hedged. I took Alabama on the moneyline to ensure I made a few bucks on the Georgia future, then I bought Georgia up to +5 and +6 so I guaranteed the same amount whether I won or lost the Wise Guys.

    While these were simple things to do, I must admit it was a very obtuse and absurd way to end a banner season. I guess what counts, as Tom Cruise says in The Color of Money, is the money. But I really would have preferred to have won the Wise Guys, money be damned.
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    I was wondering what you ultimately did with the Georgia bet. I'm sure there was some other stuff involved.

    Anyway, 3rd in Wise Guys ain't too bad. Great job. I have started "studying" again since it looks like sports betting is on the way to legalization, although not in Illinois for quite a while. It has however been a long time away for me.

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