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Thread: Finish to the Vikings-Saints game

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    There seems to be a lot of chatter on various forms and news outlets about the kneel down extra point after the bizarre final play that won the game for Minnesota. That final touchdown put Minnesota up by 5 points and the rules say the extra point must be attempted or played. Since the betting line was Minnesota -5 or even -5.5, that extra point mattered to a lot of people.

    Interestingly the same thing happened in the next to last weekend of the season in the Eagles-Raiders game. Final play of the game with the Eagles up 13-10, the Raiders run that stupid lateral play where the team laterals the ball about a dozen times trying to move up field. Well the Eagles intercepted one of the laterals and ran it into the endzone, making the score 19-10 and just like the Vikings game today, NFL rules say the extra point must be attempted. The betting line was 9.5 or 10, so again the extra point would have made the difference and just like the Vikings, the Eagles took a knee rather than kick the point to a chorus of boos raining down from their home fans, who had bet The eagles -9.5 or -10.

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    its equivalent to kneeling and letting the clock run out at the end of a game. In football people dont take extra least the pros. Sometimes it works in your advantage, and sometimes it fucks you. There were plenty of people betting NO that were happy.What if the extra kick was blocked and returned for 2 points. Then even more vikings fans would be pissed.

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    By the way, the people who went with the "more experienced QB" angle this weekend got hammered

    Next week is interesting as Brady has had a hard time when he goes against a defense that can punch him in the mouth early.
    One year against Baltimore in the playoffs he got hit hard and early and melted. Against the Giants in the superbowls, again, hard hitting defense, he didnt melt but he lost....and look who we have running the team from up above for the jags. Superior QBs are not the kryptonite for NE.....its superior defenses. Move brady off his spot and you have a chance.
    However Fournette's ankle may be a big negative ...iwill monitor. If I had to bet right now, I probably will go with the Jags and under. Not really expecting them to win, but to cover 9 points. The Jags defense hasnt been the same, especially since they played SF. But after offensive explosions I always feel the line is of better value for the under.,,,because the public sees big points the week before and runs to the over...and the man makes it more difficult for the majority of knee jerk fans. No adverse weather , just a little breezy, only around 10mph winds expected.50 degrees.

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    So far so good won on the jags and under....the line went from 9 to 7.5 by then time i got to William Hill for the weekend...but it did go as low as 7....but the hook invited me back in. And the cover.

    I had no opinion on the next game...but if I had to would be the under. I think there is a bad record for teams with emotional walkoffs...I thinkIf I had to make a choice on the side..I would go with eagles plus 3. I dont have alot of confidence in foles, but with home advantage, and an extra week for foles to get acclaimated....I expect a 3 point games. Iwill just watch and enjoy having made my money already.
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