I was thinking. Next sundaythere are 3 QBs playing.. that no one really cares about nationally, and Brady.

So without there being a smoking gun, memo, meeting.....do you think the officials think in the back of their minds that their employer would really love Brady to be in the superbowl, compared to 2 blah QBs. Maybe a couple holdings are called, maybe a fumbled ball has forward progress called. Things that cant be challenged by review, What about PI.

Imagine brady going for his 6th....with half the country rooting for him and half rooting against him....compared to Foles/Bortles who no one nationally cares about.

NE is good enough to beat the Jags on their own, but do you think the officials provide some insurance early on?

They say that holding can be called on almost any play.....and its hit and miss when it IS called. Officials have alot of power in a game like this that has enormous financial consequences to their employer....and possibly the money available to them in their next contract. The richer the league gets, the more money available for contract negotiations

follow the money