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Thread: The Big Game

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    The damn thing is blind. Look at his left eye, shit's all fucked up.

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    Originally Posted by RS__ View Post
    Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    And just think about this for a minute. Big Bad MGM, a multi-Billion dollar gambling enterprise, couldn't handle a 2.75 million dollar wager. AND by all reports limited his superbowl wager to 3 million.

    THIS is NOT Benny Binion's Las Vegas. Benny must be rolling over in his grave!
    Sports books are such little shits. I guess casinos in general are. They sweat money like it's nobody's business. My friend gets limited all the time on MLB and college FB, and he's only making $5-10k wagers. I got limited at some MGM joint last FB season for like a $1k or $2k bet and it wasn't even a sharp bet (line moved wrong way and wanted to hedge off some exposure on a parlay). I'm sure you know about BJ on the strip and you can't even bet purple without a damn rectal search (not a gay joke).

    I've told this story before, but what the hell. One of the ways my guys and I have a little fun is to poke at the ridiculous low risk limits on futures at various "big time" sports books in Las Vegas. Compared to 30 years ago, when you could traipse to Little Caesars with a paper bag full of money, or go to Binion's downtown (at the time the second biggest book action-wise after the Mirage), the places today are a joke.

    We'll walk into one of the bigger books after having chosen some NCAA tournament longshot that might win a game, like Belmont or New Mexico State or somebody at 3000 or 5000 to 1, and we go to the window and try to put in a $40 or $50 wager. Well, inevitably the window person yells "key" or "approval," which lets one of us launch into some rant about "You've gotta be kidding! What kind of a low rent place is this?!?" Eventually, the bet gets cleared, all while the person berates the low limits of the ostensibly big-time book.

    Then another of our group will head up to a different window, and just for funsies and to get on their nerves, will proceed to do exactly the same thing with the same team to see what kind of reaction we can provoke.

    If two of us are standing at the window, we sometimes go into our Laurel and Hardy bit. "If I walk up to a window and want to bet New Mexico State to win the title, what should a sports book be asking?" "Well, Stan, they shouldn't be asking themselves how much they can take." "No, they should be asking how much money do those idiots have?"
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    Vegas has big exposure withthe Eagles. That makes me want NE even more.

    I will be the game and the props making the the following assumptions

    1- Foles will play a game like he played against atlanta, except he wont have a horrible pass bounce off a helmet into his hands for a TD.
    2- Eagles defense will play on the road like they have played all year......very average. Why would that change
    3- Pats will see that the Eagles defense is worse across the board agasint no huddle offenses...and who better than brady to execute no huddle. The pats in the first half are already the fasted team in running a play in the NFL. In the second half they may sit on the ball so its not that indicative ( an no huddle doesnt always mean "fast")
    4-NE played a more difficult schedule then the 4th place schedule of eagles, more battle tested. In the seattle/denver superbowl...seatle had a tougher schedule...and it showed as they blew out Den
    5-NE has only seen a few top Tight ends....but has held them down. Philly weaker in this coverage department
    6-Even though NE isnt shut down when it comes to running backs....they did find a way to handle jacksonville......I think ajayi will get some yards. I am even betting the over on his running yards(57.5). So of course the eagles will score...they wont be totally shut down. Blount may run a couple in. But over 1.5 field goals is another prop.
    7- on the down side...the best TE NE faced this year was KC's Kelce. And KC whipped the ass of NE......where Kelce didnt get much action, but was used as a decoy to attract attention, while crossing pattern after crossing pattern killed the Pats. Can Eagles pull that off with Ertz? If they can.....they will win. But I am betting against that. Bellichick learned a valuable lesson from KC.....I dont think he will be exposed like that again.

    people tend to bet on the last thing they saw. Seeing alabama lose to auburn, and then the very next game play clemson who was on a roll having crushed georgia......made the public cry for clemson. No a god idea.

    The last thing people saw was Philly have a blowout ad NE scrape by.

    Its fresh in their minds. I dont take that into consideration

    Alot of the talking heads are on the eagles. Its fashionalbe to go against NE. But I am not going to be swayed.

    I am not a fan of wither team today, But on sunday for 4 hours, I am going to be a fan of NE.

    thats my reasoning. I have no idea if I am right, I wouldnt advise anyone to follow me. And if Eagles win then my Brady MVP 8-5 bet dies as well..

    Its just a single game....I bet it for fun, with some props also for the fun of it.

    I will spend more on the college basketball and hockey the day before....but no one cares about rutgers vs this will suffice.

    Heck, maybe for the first time I will use one of Dans picks....just for kicks....he definately has a good grasp of NBA.

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