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Thread: In the Twin Cities for Superbowl

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    Well I am up here for SB in the Twin Cities. Lots of activity for sure. Was at the Mall of America yesterday with the little kids to bring them to Sea Life and go to their favorite indoor amusement park, The Nickelodeon Universe in the middle of the mall. Also the huge Lego Store. Lots of things already set up in the mall including one that was clearly meant for the Vikings which was all Purple and white balloons in some type of game or celebration, but the Vikings here missed joining the SB of course. Oh well.

    We are staying in a western suburb of Minneaoplis and stopped for gas on the way back to the hotel last night. A whole station full of SUV's, all unmarked but numerous antennas on top of each. When all the people were getting out of them all you saw was black or blue jackets with either 'ATF AGENT' or 'US CUSTOMS TASK FORCE' or 'FBI AGENT' on their backs. At the hotel we are staying at the same one where about 2 floors were booked by the TSA and ATF agencies K-9 Teams. There was a good 25 trucks in the parking lot from 'K9 Team Omaha' lettered on the side as well as a few other states where they came from. Talked to one in the lobby this morning eating breakfast, they are from the bomb team some assigned to TSA duties and others from the terrorist task force side of things.

    Huge amount of security coming in. For those of you that do not know, there is a huge population of Somalians here in the Twin Cities and lots of them or in government jobs. Huge amount are unemployed as well. The Twin Cities is a large metro area and the downtown section has numerous large buildings with numerous HQ's for many large companies. Oh well, it is what it is.

    But almost everywhere you go around here, I am seeing lots of purple and white color scehemes that was clearly meant for the home state team, the 'Sucklings'. LOL, we are eating tonight over at Joe Seners restaurant the legendary tight end from the 1980's. Maybe Joey's wife will be there, after all she is out of prison for murder now, she has to make a living no??

    Well it is off to extreme Sand Box place my little 5 year old wants to go play in a Cat excavator and a skid steer today. Then we will go to the IMAX theater in Eden Prairie Mall they have those huge recliners and the $12.00 popcorn with bacon and those great $7.00 sodas and those $8.00 hotdogs for him. The new Star Wars movie is out that he is bugging me to see it.
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    Thanks for reporting. I am jealous as hell! Hey, Wednesday looks like a nice day....getting up to freezing.

    Couple of questions:

    What I that white stuff all over the ground? Some sort of nasty fallout from something?

    I don't know that it seems the place to be with very young children, which you seem to have. Are your kids going to the superbowl?

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    My kids are out in Minnatonka in the western surburbs. My business is down in Iowa. I come up several times a month when possible. Yes we have season tickets the kids go all the time.

    Actually the weather was in the 50s on Friday and Saturday!!! The white stuff??? You never saw Ghostbusters??

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    Heading down to Joe Seners restaurant as my buddy whom just retired after 24 years in law enforcement here keeps raving about Seners drinks called The Orange Crush snd The Blueberry Pie drinks.....i told him i would buy as many as he can down, then we are off to my favorite, Fogo De Chao Steakhouse,.

    Tomorrow night to Mannys Steakhouse for an all out Eagle blitz!!!

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    Half time. Go Eagles!!! This crowd is pretty much Eagles here!!

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