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Thread: Schemectady, NY Rivers casino new odds

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    Ricers casino in Schenectady just went to 10X odds. Current AM minimums are at $5. Not sure of afternoon or evening minimums

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    but the bet in total is still -EV because the bet in front of it is -ev....right?

    now these people have me talking this shit.

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    Most of our local casinos are 100x odds. While most people find that to be beyond there budget, that doesn't mean you can't increase your odds during a good roll even if you don't start at 100x odds.

    To illustrate why you want to take advantage of the full odds, the house edge on the pass line is:

    Pass Line--1.41
    Pass Line with 2x odds--.85
    Pass Line with 5x odds--.326
    Pass Line with 10x odds--.184
    Pass Line with 100x odds--.021

    While the house edge is lower, so is your exposure in the short term. You need the bankroll to withstand several quick bad rolls.

    My initial odds are always 150-200. So while I don't start at 100x odds, I will get there pretty quickly and even exceed 100x (add another nickel to your pass line bet) during a good roll. It's great when you're winning, and it sucks when you're losing.

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    In the long run, enticing someone to make larger bets at -.021///is stilll a good deal for the casino

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    Yes-but other than the various AP plays that are mentioned, name a casino bet with a smaller edge. That being said, the low edge may be neutralized by the high variance.

    Even Alan (aleha ha-shalom) often stated that the 7 is still more likely to occur and therefore he only used double odds.

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    I played craps for 20 years in AC before moving to the west coast and changing to poker and I am thew last to criticize someone for playing craps. But since you cant know how long a streak is until you can look back at in in hindsight.....I dont delude myself that I can watch a table and see X amount of points being made, and use that as a signal to go 100x, or 50x odds after the next point is established. Any "streak" can turn on a dime....and often does.

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